Great Grand Cru - Champagne Marquis de Sade

The soil

A very special process of production for a unique Champagne. A land area classified as "Grand Cru". The "Marquis de Sade" Champagne is produced in the prestigious area of "côte des blancs".Its origin lies in the best "Grand Cru" land areas, around Avize in the "côte des blancs". Its grape blends ensure the wine's subtlety and elegance. They are composed of 90 % Chardonnay and 10 % Pinot noir.

This privileged area is the best that can be found for vine-growing – a chalky hillside blessed with an exceptional climate, with a southern aspect in a valley sheltered from excessive rain.

Then comes bottling, maturation for at least three years, riddling by hand, and at last the final oenological operation (getting rid of the sediment), only carried out as the wine is ordered, the best guarantee for freshness and quality.

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