The Sade flavour- Champagne Marquis de Sade

The Sade flavour

A Champagne for pleasure

Sade loved Champagne, this wine for lovers which generates desire. Aphrodisiac, the "Marquis de Sade" Champagne is the champagne for celebration, an out-of-the-way, secret celebration. A nectar of pleasure, it should be savoured at unique moments. Like the Marquis de Sade, only in a subdued, intimate atmosphere will it release its full character.

A Champagne equal to none

The "Marquis de Sade" Champagne is produced in the prestigious area of "côte des blancs". Its origin lies in the best "Grand Cru" land areas, around Avize. Its grape blends ensure the wine's subtlety and elegance. This results in a unique quality, particularly delicate and refined thanks to the prevalence of Chardonnay.

A Champagne for temptation

Through its unique character and flavour, the "Marquis de Sade" champagne charms those whose taste-buds are attracted by very special moments, ever seeking new sensations. The "Marquis de Sade" champagne sparkles with elegance and insolence. Prick up your ears and listen to the mischievous bubbles whispering a few saucy words. On your lips its foam will feel like a caress, a call to temptation.

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